The code that protects soapbox seems to be working pretty well. I really never look at this anymore, but despite that, it doesn't look like anything bad has gotten up.

However, there are plenty of people/programs that register for the blog in hopes that it's configured to automatically let them write posts. 430, since the last time I cleaned it out, to be exact.


Putting up with stupidity

The evolution debates lately... or rather the creation debates... really just the question of how anyone could believe in young-earth creationism has been weighing on my mind. I'm pretty convinced that the way to deal with it isn't to try to logically point out the scientific evidence for evolution. That has all been laid out before, over and over again. Saying it again is just suggesting that you are somehow a better communicator than any other person who has existed since Darwin. There's also the issue that you can't argue logic against crazy. The crazy is always going to win. It's a little like trying to out-stubborn a 3-year-old. That little kid doesn't have anything else going on, they're definitely going to win.

I think the answer is just to call people out. They won't listen to science, so you just have to straight-up tell them that you believe they're wrong. (Never mind the fact that they won't listen to theologians who say the Bible doesn't really support young-earth creationism.)

The problem is that we're in a time when everything is shifting to be firmly anti-science. Psychology is perverted by people trying to stop gay marriage. Meteorology is perverted by people who don't want to accept global warming. Medicine is perverted by people refusing to vaccinate their children. It's a time where it has become perfectly acceptable to basically say "I don't like the way things work, so I'm just going to claim that there's uncertainty and then do whatever in the fuck I want."

I think that may mean that I need to stop shopping at places like Whole Foods. There are just too many examples of liberal stupidity that show up in the extreme faith-based approach that organic food is better or that homeopathic medicines are something more than just water.

Some good reading from Mother Jones and The Daily Beast.

I have to say though, the best orange that I ever had came from Whole Foods. It must have been 2002, January, the Whole Foods in Cambridge, MA. It was so good that Kirsten and I went back and bought two cases and rationed them out for a few weeks. It's 12 years later and I can still think of those oranges, so they really were pretty fucking good. I think they were also conventional!


Stupid People on the Radio

It bothers me when people say stupid things on the radio, like DJs not understanding that Chvrches spells it that way (rather than Churches) for pretty much a purely SEO reason.

...never mind the fact that bands are choosing their names for good Google ranks...

However, sometimes the stupid can be funny, like a comparison that's being made right now in mattress ads, "Do you know how hard it is to carry a mattress down the stairs? It's like having a pet dolphin that you have to carry out for walks."

I like that image.