Perpetual Percy

So, my car is in the shop right now. I waited there for awhile until they diagnosed the problem. The cool thing is, once they looked at it, they brought me out into the shop and led me under the car and actually pointed out where the problems were! Not surprisingly, given the quality of Percy's roar, the exhaust pipe had completely rusted through and fallen away from the muffler. There's also a part just forward of the resonator that has come loose, which is probably the rattle I'd been hearing prior to the roaring. Percy also has yet another oil leak, but these people actually told me about it instead of waiting until I came back saying, "Uh, my car's leaking oil now," and telling me, "Oh yeah, it was leaking when it came in the last time."

Bottom line, $345 to fix the exhaust and the oil leak. I highly recommend The Car Store in Norwich (rt. 5 south) for repairs. Nice people there. Even though it's a Subaru dealer, they fix all kinds of cars. And the guy who was working on the car said it sounds great, aside from the exhaust problem.

Oh, and while I was standing in the lot, waiting for Becky to pick me up so I could get here for my office hour (to which no students will come, I'm sure), I saw a hatchback that I thought looked cute. It turned out to be a 4WD wagon (didn't really look like a wagon). Then I looked at the fuel mileage. 22 mpg city, 28mpg highway! I think I'll stick with my 33mpg city wounded pterodactyl Percy.


BCS Rankings

I am not such a fan of the BCS ranking system for championship series football here, but there are a couple of interesting things that showed up this week. I really like the number 1 and 24 slots, but Notre Dame is really getting the shaft if you ask me. If my Buffaloes are going to lose big to Texas, they had best be No. 1. And, not that I really like Texas, but they're the Big 12's best representative currently, so I have to say screw the Trojans, and Hook 'em Horns!


Awesome Kitchen Store

Friday afternoon I went to the New England Kitchen Depot in WRJ and got a real pizza peel. I had been trying to get by using sheet pans with limited success but saw that they had an aluminum peel priced at $9 on their website. When I went to the store though, I found the same item priced at $16. I metioned the discrepancy and they gave me the peel for $9. The depot is a really cool store for anyone who likes cooking. They've got some really good quality stuff for less than you'd pay at the other stores in and around Hanover. I highly reccommend it.


Dartmouth Wins!

Dartmouth's fantastic football team won its second game of the regular season, gaining a notch in the pole for Ivy League wins this season when they beat Columbia with a score of 17-6. Dartmouth moves to a record of 2-4 as Columbia, also moves to 2-4 and 0-3 in the Ivy League. The Big Green mens hockey team will take on McGill this evening at 7:00 PM. Let's see if the homecoming weekend winning streak can be extended! Go Big Green! (... or something ...)