Need some E&M help!

I have an incredibly cool experiment for you to try. Take a grape, slice it almost all the way in half and open it up so you have two hemispheres of grape connected by a thin strip of skin. Now, put it on a plate in the microwave and zap it for 10 seconds or so.

(Seriously, try it right now.)

The microwaves have a wavelength of about 12.5 cm so the grape sections are about a quarter wavelength long. My explanation for the grape catching on fire (really, go try it) is that each of the grape halves is sampling a different part of the electric field so you set up a large potential between the halves until the central skin finally burns through.

Does this make sense?


Totally Overdue Posts

So, I'm back to post on a semi-unreliable schedule instead of a completely unreliable schedule.

There are two extremely important announcements to make...

First of all, congratulations to Tim on gettin' hitched!

Second, congratulations to me on gettin' another daughter. Little Anna Katherine Paust hit the three-week mark yesterday.

I have some very interesting blog post ideas too that I'll start working on soon.