Money Etiquette

So, I think I know Brian's opinion on the matter, or rather maybe I am biased by his experience, but I have a question for blog-land.  I was talking with a guy I met last week, and he asked me for backup on a disagreement he'd had with his spouse.  Being a good member of the species I naturally agreed, but it so happens that I actually DO agree with him on this one.

The question is, what is the proper use of personal cheque?  More specifically, in person-to-person interactions, is there a minimum amount below which it is really more polite to use cash?  (Brian, this is an invite to use a name-free account of a certain Ramunto's trip.)  When forced to give money to an institution, naturally we use cheque since they demand the paper trail, and we don't care if Bank of America has to go cash a cheque for $14.97 instead of us giving them a Lincoln and Hamilton, keep the change.

This actually turned out to be a relevant question for me as well, given the Craigslisting that we've done this past week.  We've paid with cash,  but how much does the $$ total have to be before it's acceptable to write a cheque?  I'd say at least $60 or so, and more generally a cheque should not be written for an amount that a reasonable person (not an undergrad or grad student) could be expected to have in the their wallet.


Still some hope for geeks

Looking through the job adverts in Physics Today, I came across this beauty:

Even scientists do it. After meeting in Science Connection. All science/nature-philes welcome.

seriously, good times. they even have photos to browse, the demographics are interesting.

Honestly, though, I don't know why you'd bother with this, since in the end, chicks dig the long ball.


Man Rules, revised ed.

With apologies to the ladies out there, you'll have to come up with your own rules (dumb idea, nevermind), I present to you a new list of man rules for the over-30 crowd. (For the well-under-thirty crowd, consider this as a reminder of things to not take for granted.)

Selected favorites (with my comments):

11. Experiment with facial hair. (true, but kinda a shame.)

20. Own a futon.

21. Own a beanbag chair.

22. Hang art framelessly. ("framelessly" is fantastic, pseudohomonymically similar to "aimlessly" and implying a lack of culture, common sense, etc...)

37. Cook exclusively on a George Foreman grill. (too bad, but one should probably have upgraded by now.)

41. Use Internet acronyms, especially ROFL and LOL. (I'd say you forfeit this "right" around age 19?)


Sugar Mamas: All-Time list

In a recent letter to The Sports Guy, Sean from Harrisburg, PA brings up a good point about Kate Mara: She is the absolute most gorgeous thing I have ever seen AND she's the granddaughter of Wellington Mara, which means she's freaking rich.

So, obviously, we the blog people need to work on such a Sugar Mama list... for starters, I'd go with Demi Moore (taken, but husbands are only speedbumps, not roadblocks) and Jennifer Aniston.

if you need some guidelines for consideration, here's the SG's commentary on the matter: Continue reading Sugar Mamas: All-Time list


Document release, cont'd: Man rules

How to Know Your Lady Has Reached "Girlfriend Status"
They reach "girlfriend status" the moment they leave something at your house and it isn't an accident. During those first few weeks, they always try to leave things and pretend it's an accident, like a dog marking its territory ... but once things progress and you have a conversation that includes the sentences "I thought I'd leave a couple of things here for when I sleep over" and "OK, that sounds like a good idea," then you have a girlfriend. That's the bottom line.

General Guy Code (second question down)
Three No-Brainer Rules: There are certain codes that guys live by. I've mentioned many of them in this space over the years -- stuff like "If you're sharing a bed with someone in Vegas, make sure you remain at least two feet apart at all times," and "If your buddy's team loses an especially tough game, you can't call him to make fun of him under any circumstances." But there are three codes that supercede all others. Here they are:

1.) You can't be attracted to your buddy's sister.
2.) You can't be attracted to your buddy's girlfriend.
3.) You can't be attracted to your buddy's ex-girlfriend if he had genuine feelings for her.


News recap

(1) An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday... due to farting.  Apparently, some (super-smart) woman decided to cover the stink by lighting matches.  The smell of sulphur/burning matches somehow worried other passengers.  yeesh.

(2) Norway decided that stripping is art, and therefore is not subject to a 25% VAT.  let the comments ensue.

(3) There's water on Mars!  Oh wait, actually it could be any liquid, like CO2.  Or just really fine dust. dunno.