Drobos are such pieces of shit

The question is how they were able to sell so many network drives that could only move ~30 MB/s on a good day. (And way the fuck less on a bad day.)

Question number two is, of course, why I bought such a piece of shit.

The answer now is to switch to a Synology box, but there's no such thing as a cheap one of those. Maybe I just build my own solution. Something with a btrfs system. 🙂


On the Airplane

Twitchy. That's the first thought, profitability is the second.

Second first. Why hasn't Alaska airlines gone bankrupt. Every other airline (almost) has. Is there something about the routes or the management that makes it possible for them to make money.

I'm currently on a flight from Seattle to Austin and this has to be a profitable flight. There are only two seats free on the entire plane. Unfortunately, the seat next to me is taken by a twitcher. I don't think the woman actually has Tourette's , but she's jiggling all over the place. It's bad enough at times that I feel that I should as I'd she needs help. Then she wakes up and is still for a bit. Kind of disconcerting.


Nuclear Reactor Design

I haven't been online much lately... my "light" semester switching from 2 classes to something closer to 3.5 is getting in the way of having much fun time. However, the disaster in Japan is amazingly engrossing. The earthquake on it's own was amazingly large and the tsunami... well, there's really nothing you can do about things like that. Growing up in Alaska, we were always extremely worried about tsunami and this disaster demonstrates exactly why it's so important. Although if you don't have enough time to get away, there's not a lot to be done.

The whole reaction situation is blowing my mind though. I remember playing Sim City years ago and having and earthquake make reactors melt down. Here's the real life example of that.

I guess that I just didn't really understand the scale of nuclear reactors though. I always sort of assumed that you could shove the moderators into a reactor and it would be radioactive and everything but it would just sort of stop. On the scale though of a real reactor, there's so much heat produced that you need active cooling.

I'm going to make a very morbid prediction now. The Japanese are going to lose the city of Fukushima. I think they're going to manage avoiding too many deaths, but they've lost control of the reactors unless some miracle can be pulled out of their hats in the next couple of hours. The result is going to be a 20 mile circle contaminated with plutonium and all sorts of other nasties where people aren't going to be able to live for the next 1.25 Gyr.

I'm really hoping that I'm wrong though.


Square meat-like product

Apparently when people don't post to the blog much, the spammers compensate for our lack of attention*.

That said, a bunch of the comments are kinda funny, or at least better than the usual penis-enlargement and penny-stock subjects.

* correlation clearly equals causation.


A Peeve

I don't like it when books and songs rhyme one word to itself. I hadn't thought too much about this before, but yeah, bothersome.

For example, the Beyonce song "Irreplaceable." "To the left, everything you own in the box to the left." (Actually, I can kind of forgive this since the second line is just clarifying the first.) But in the chorus, "I could have another you in a minute, Matter of fact, he'll be here in a minute". Really? There wasn't some better lyric that could have been included?

I have to take issue with Goodnight Moon too. There's one passage where you say "Goodnight moon" followed immediately by "Goodnight cow jumping over the moon". It's really the only clumsy part of the book.

Ok, rant done.