he's a fucking asshole (title in progress)

Just in case you weren't sure.

Reality, Enron style:

In a typical ruse in 1998, a gaggle of employees was rushed onto an empty trading floor at the company's Houston headquarters to put on a fictional show of busy trading for visiting Wall Street analysts being escorted by Mr. Lay. "We brought some of our personal stuff, like pictures, to make it look like the area was lived in," a laid-off Enron employee told The Wall Street Journal in 2002. "We had to make believe we were on the phone buying and selling" even though "some of the computers didn't even work."

Reality, coke-head style:

If this Potemkin village sounds familiar, take a look at the ongoing 60-stop "presidential roadshow" in which Mr. Bush has "conversations on Social Security" with "ordinary citizens" for the consumption of local and national newscasts. As in the president's "town meeting" campaign appearances last year, the audiences are stacked with prescreened fans; any dissenters who somehow get in are quickly hustled away by security goons. But as The Washington Post reported last weekend, the preparations are even more elaborate than the finished product suggests; the seeming reality of the event is tweaked as elaborately as that of a television reality show. Not only are the panelists for these conversations recruited from administration supporters, but they are rehearsed the night before, with a White House official playing Mr. Bush. One participant told The Post, "We ran through it five times before the president got there." Finalists who vary just slightly from the administration's pitch are banished from the cast at the last minute, "American Idol"-style.

One of these days I'm going to type something that gets me arrested by this Neo-nazi government. I really hope not because I love this country, but when the people in power have such a different view of "good" it's tough to stay non-violent. Especially since they cheat. At least the Soviets just crushed you with a tank. oh, wait....


and while we're on a positive note

I'm all in favor of euthanasia when the person in question has clear cognitive function and can communicate their wishes. Maybe it's just my mom's experience as a hospice nurse, but I've heard/seen too many cases where doctors refuse to acknowledge death as anything other than a failure.

The Terri Schiavo case is kinda unsettling, though, with the whole "vegetative state" thing.

and maybe BBC could have used another photo? hmm.