another kind of wow

So I was watching poker this evening while working, and Doyle Brunson just went all-in with poker 10's, only to hit two more on the flop. That's like getting a nice bleach bath to clean yourself up with after being heel-hauled under a 30-year-old trawler...

but then, if you're going to lose to The Man, might as well go out in style?



I hired a guy to paint the house in CT this weekend and the negotiating was kind of fun. I talked him into cutting about $300 off the price by comparing his bid to some other bids and then I increased the savings another $200 by offering to let him put a sign in the front yard.

So, if anyone's buying a car in the near future, let me know. I'd like to take on a car salesman now. The experience buying my car wasn't that exciting. The first salesman I talked to didn't believe that a 22 year old kid had a $21K check in his back pocket. The second guy, who I actually bought my car from, was the Costco rep so everything was basically pre-negotiated for me. I think I might be able to make a random salesman cry these days. That was always my goal in debate.



I told Scott that I needed to change my strategery and then didn't. I might have been up to $20 if I'd taken my own advice. Instead, I gave away a lot chasing losing causes.


Poker WTF!

Well, maybe poker two nights in a row isn't a good thing. This was my worst night... ended up with 30 cents.

The good thing is that everyone got made fun of... even Scott, who was just going out for no particular reason.