The View from my Window

We had zero yard in Dover. So, it was difficult to attract many birds near enough for observation. I did put up one of those suction-cup-mounted window feeders.  A purple finch stopped by for a snack pretty rapidly. However, our cats took to jumping at the window whenever he landed. So Mr. purple finch never stayed at the feeder for long. A wind storm knocked that feeder down, and an eccentric (most people would say crazy) man who kept the streets clean took it away before I could get it the next morning. It was nice of the eccentric man to clean our streets, anyway.

I was pretty excited to have a yard so the cats and I could watch birds from far enough away to not scare them off. I figured it would take a couple days for some avian visitors to find my new feeder.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when half a dozen goldfinches swooped in not ten minutes after I’d hung the feeder.

I like how one is hanging out sideways here:

This female landing on the cord is pretty cool too:

Narration by Beth (she didn’t know I was recording a movie ^_^).


WP/Soapbox update?

It's a small detail, but I like the new menubar on Soapbox. Of course, now I need to take advantage, and y'know, actually post more than once a fortnight.

Since including a photo makes any post a good one, here's this.

What's interesting about this shot is that I was trying to see if I could capture a "green flash"... but on my little iph0ne camera it looks yellow - the the human eye, none of that bright yellow "sun" are was visible... to the naked eye, the sun had already set. Nathaniel, Brian, ideas?