Post a playlist

I think it would be cool for all of the [real] users on this blog to post a playlist. This month's question is: If you could only have one CD of music out of your mp3 collection, what songs would you put on it? Bonus points if you're on the subnet and you can share the playlist with iTunes.

When I Wake Up Tomorrow -- The Perishers
Something Pretty -- Patrick Park
The Blower's Daughter -- Damien Rice
Lay Lady Lay -- Bob Dylan
Wicked Game -- Chris Isaak
Mr. Brightside -- The Killers
Cool Gwen -- Stefani
Let Go -- Frou Frou
Life in Mono -- Mono
Fade Into You -- Mazzy Star
The Scientist -- Coldplay
Home and dry -- Pet Shop Boys
Three Libras -- A Perfect Circle
Letting The Cables Sleep -- Bush
Your Ghost -- Kristin Hersh

My songs will be in ".blogsongs" on my computer. Sorry that so many of them are protected, you can come in and listen to them at lunch.