Week-Late Superbowl Post

The superbowl itself seemed pretty reasonable. Since it's the only football game I watch every year, I didn't have much skin in the game as far as the winner. I decided that I would just root against Roethlisberger and apparently it worked.

My real bitch though is the halftime show. I figured that the Black Eyed Peas would be ok, right? I wasn't expecting that the sound and lights would have been set up by a high school AV club. When you have over 100 million people watching, you should really make sure that everyone's microphones are on!

And then there were the Peas themselves. I'll admit that I've thought their songs were catchy in the past. I just never really realized that they don't have "songs" they have "song." It's one song with slight tweaks. Normally, when the Superbowl performers do a montage of their hits, they have to put transitions in. Not the Peas, when you only have one song, you can just go from part to part.

I liked Slash though.


Nine Inch Nails

It's odd how you can sometimes identify sounds... take, for example, the movie THX 1138, George Lucas' first feature film. The movie kind of sucks, you can tell that it has lots of "oooh, wouldn't it be CRAZY if something happened right here! Maybe a naked girl for no reason!"

Anyway, at one point in the movie, there's a guard beating a prisoner on the TV and you instantly say, "That's the start of Mr. Self Destruct!" I haven't listed to that song in 10 years, but pop, that's what it is. Very interesting.

THX 1138 is available for streaming on Netflix.


Lady Gaga

There was a joke on SNL about the fact that Lady Gaga is the new creative director of Polaroid. "Similar to a Polaroid, you have to look at Lady Gaga for a few minutes before you realize what you're looking at."

We'll ignore the fact that Polaroid is at the absolute bottom so making a gamble on a pop singer probably isn't a bad bet.

The question remains though... is Lady Gaga hot or not? Catchy, yes. Wants to be hot, yes. Actually hot though? I'm kind of leaning towards yes.


Carl Sagan + Septhen Hawking = Bad Ass

Some may not be familiar with Carl Sagan and the Cosmos (both the book and TV series - I think viewable for free on Netflix and Hulu), but you should check him out. This little musical ditty turns good quotes from his TV series and a couple Stephen Hawking bits into a pretty damn decent track. Check it out.

BTW - how does one embed YouTube into the blog? It seems to just post a link if I use the upload / insert function in the editor...