I watch TV for adolescent girls, I might as well watch the movies too.

Have any of you seen Twilight? The concept actually has a lot of potential... pretty girl, vampires living in the cloudy parts of Washington State, star crossed lovers... you could make a cool movie out of that...

Unfortunately, in my eyes at least, it's a failure. For one, who wants neuter vampires? They're supposed to be lusty and bitey. Angel didn't walk around saying "I'd like to bite you", he had a growling undercurrent of needing to feed with the torment of not being able to eat people. Plus, the sign of his vampireness wasn't glitter. I mean, come on, the thing that lets you know that Edward is a vampire is that he floresces in the UV? Did they have to make it such a 13-year-old's wet dream too. Ooh, older handsome man who isn't into sex at all so you just have to kiss once and then snuggle.

I'm so disappointed.


Will It Blend?

"A recent iPhone app has appeared, one that will change the face of mobile entertainment forever!"

- Wired magazine, January 2009, volume 17, issue 1

While there may be a little truthiness missing from the above review, I do recommend that those unfamiliar with Tom Dickson's "Will It Blend" video series get themselves educated. Certainly a thesis or ten could be written on the degeneracy of a culture that spends so much effort/time/money devoted to destroying perfectly good items, but ours is not to reason why.