New idioms

Two of the blogs that I read just had contests to provide new idioms and replace worn-out cliches.

Some of the phrases are worth noting.
From The Morning News:
The hand moves the mouse. (You're responsible for your own mistakes while using a computer.)
Throw down some flowers. (Buy flowers only to get out of trouble.)
If a bird can't fly, it walks. (Get off your ass and do something.)

From Defective Yeti:
I'm not the hero of this story. (replaces "Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.")
The porn is deleted. (replaces "The coast is clear.")
Boot souffle. (replaces "Knuckle sandwich.")
Trying to find a clock in a casino. (replaces "Looking for a needle in a haystack.")
Jeeves in a Google world. (replaces "Playing second fiddle.")
You poop it, you scoop it. (replaces "You made your bed, now sleep in it.")
and my favorite
Wants birthday cake on Christmas. (replaces "Looks a gift horse in the mouth.")


Big Ups to Madhu...

...who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at Rice today! 🙂

I believe that Madhu summed it up best in his e-mail to me: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I am done. everything went more than better."

Hard to top that, folks. Plus, we got ourselves a new superlative phrase: "Everything went more than better." Define it however you like it to be defined, just be sure to use it. 😛


Two quick issues from the web.

First, there's a group on facebook called "Make Genocide History" or something similar. Whenever I see the title, I always add a "by ..." to the end. Depending on the day, the ellipses get replaced by a method and a ethnic group. It's never pretty.

Second, Korn and Amy Lee just collaborated on an live version of "Freak on a Leash." It is one of the worst things that I've ever heard. I kind of like Korn, but their music lives and dies by the heavy crunching guitars in the background. Take that away and you have nothing. The video was a bad idea too since it's now very clear that Korn's lead singer is a vaguely puffy looking middle-aged guy who looks like you'd see him coming out of a porn store and say "oh, that's so sad."


Remember, Remember...

Guy Fawkes' Day is a bit of an odd holiday - what do you celebrate? The effort to blow up a corrupt government, and honor the efforts of a folk hero? Or the foiling of such a plot, a victory against terror? In the wake of 11th Sept, lots of people have thrown all sorts of extra meaning onto an innocent little holiday, too. In England it's losing ground to Halloween, while Scotland has the 31st as a separate event: Halloween is for guising, the 5th is for burning a Guy and going to parties.

...but what if he'd succeeded?


Now I'm going to be staring at people's hands

Kinda interesting headline on WebMD last week - is there a correlation between relative finger lengths and athleticism?  They say that "for women whose second and fourth finger lengths translated into a low ratio, there was greater likelihood the women played sports at higher levels, the researchers report. A low ratio would result if the index finger is shorter than the ring finger."

First of all, terminology question: isn't the index finger the first finger, the middle finger the second, the ring finger the third, and the pinky the fourth?  Don't remember that from Aberdeen.

Second, a negative number is a "low ratio"?  They need to be a little more clear/precise, here.