A vote that the art was bad.

This message came across the campus listserve yesterday. It's marginally entertaining to read.

Subject: Steve Miller's Missing Art from Mem
Hello Wonderful Whitman Community,

It has come to my attention this afternoon that one of Steve Miller's art pieces has been taken from it's perch on the 3rd floor of Memorial Hall. The piece is a Starbucks paper coffee cup with the lid attached. Miller applied paint directly to the surface. He created it to resemble his prints and to complement the ceramics in his current show up in Mem. If any of you have seen anything like this around campus, would you let me know?

Thank You So Much,

Anybody want to put a bet down that someone saw a Starbucks cup with paint on it, said "Why didn't someone throw this away?", and then tossed it in the trash? I've made up my mind now that the art must have been bad. If it were good art, someone would have given it a second look. Bad art isn't worth looking at once.

Actually, it kind of makes me want to go to Starbucks, get an extra cup, sign my name on the bottom of the cup, and then put it on a ledge in Mem near where this other art was. When that gets thrown out, I can at least claim that I captured the true essence of our throwaway culture when even art becomes throwaway. (Haha, or just make up some shit like that.)


Have you heard about Glenn Beck?

He's refusing to answer questions about whether he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. I assume he didn't do it, but why won't he talk about it if he's innocent?

Go to http://gb1990.com for all the details.

Update: Glenn Beck apparently now controls the domain DidGlennBeckRapeAndMurderAYoungGirlIn1990.com. Why would you want to have a domain like that? Specifically, why would you have that domain and not be willing to talk about it? Is it because he's not innocent? I think he needs to address the issue.


Fucking Squirrels

Back to the peach tree. I was out looking at it yesterday and figured the time was getting close to pick all the peaches, so this morning I grabbed a bit pot in one hand and Sarah in the other hand to go pick them. When I got into the back yard, I saw squirrels scatter and saw a peach on the ground and though "Wow, good thing I'm doing this now."

Turns out I should have done it yesterday. Besides the half-eaten peach on the ground, everything was gone. There weren't even pits left. All of my pretty little peaches became squirrel food. Fuckers.

The good news is that we had picked a few (few=4 in this case) peaches over the last couple of days to try them and they were actually pretty good. Good peach flavor and decent juiciness although they could have been a touch sweeter. Now only to be found in squirrel stomachs.



No, not the casino where "Ooh La La" is performed, but the woman, Paris Hilton.

Apparently he's going to be given the "Hastiest Pudding of the Lampoon Award". The funny thing is the news article on Yahoo currently has a correction at the bottom:

(This version CORRECTS award to `Hastiest Pudding of the Lampoon' from `Woman of the Year.')

So someone originally said that Paris was going to get the Woman of the Year award from Harvard and then realized that they were very very wrong.

The Yahoo article.


I'm Cured!

Scientists have finally isolated a gene (LRRTM1) that appears to increase the odds of being left-handed by inverting the functions of each side of the brain - one side controlling speech and language and the other governing emotion/creativity/etc.

So, all I need is a bit dose of  stem cells, a bit of gene therapy, and I could finally be normal!