What to write on a card?

It's always a hard thing to figure out, what exactly should you write in a card to someone who you're obligated to send a card to but don't really know. For example, what if your sorority is sending card to soldiers?

I came up with the perfect male-centric answer. However, it's offensive enough that I have to bury it on the next page.

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Labor for Grapes

The house I'm renting this semester has a bunch of grape vines that are currently tearing it apart. Grapes require really strong trellises and plastic gutters are no match.

Before we headed home last week, Kirsten cut down the grapes she could reach which amounted to three gallons of grapes (and about a third of the grapes on the plant). Today was the day to turn them into juice.

So far, I've used a potato masher and a ricer to try to separate the bits from the juice. I also did a bunch of squeezing with my hands, which is resulting in a odd prickly pain sensation everywhere the juice was touching me.

Anyway, the juice is pretty tasty. Very grapey. However, before I drink a lot I'm going to boil it to try and sanitize it a little.

Before I could do that, Kirsten and I had a little conversation.
Me: Almost done.
Kirsten: Lets taste it.
(grabs spoon)
K: Mmm, this is really good.
(more spoonfuls of juice)
K: You wouldn't even have to sweeten this
(more spoonfuls)
K: Why do you want to boil it?
(more spoonfuls)
Me: So we don't get dysentery.

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. 🙂


Odd Bodies

It's time to start posting again since the school year is starting and I have the potential to get myself in trouble with unkind posts.

There's a professor in the room with me (all of the faculty is here, so this isn't very specific) who has hands that don't match his body. Like "give me a size 10 body, but only size 5 hands". It's very very odd.