Moods and Pictures

Don't just say it with words, say it with an emoticon!

You can have your current mood shown by clicking on "Advanced Editing" when you're writing a message. Then in the custom field box type "mood" for the key and one of the following for the value.

amused dirty impressed sad
annoyed drunk indescribable scared
awake embarrassed lethargic shocked
bitchy energetic loved sick
blank enthralled mad silly
cold envy mischievous sore
complacent exhausted moody stressed
confused giggly nauseated surprised
crappy guilty nerdy thirsty
curious happy okay thoughtful
cynical horny predatory uncomfortable
depressed hot quixotic weird
determined hungry relaxed working
devious hyper relieved

In the advanced editing options, there's also a neat java application that makes it easy to add pictures to your posts.


First Post

The new year hasn't been treating me well.

Well, really it's more like the last four months and the problems are almost entirely my fault.

No, I'm not going to talk to everyone about what's going on. Either you know or you don't and people aren't going to be jumping from the not-knowing group into the knowing group anytime soon.

So the solution is to have a blog. Brilliant. Actually, assuming people end up reading this thing and I continue to update it for more than the next week, I'm hoping that it gives me a chance to vent and generally just reform myself.