Illegal Alien Story

Does anybody in this small Dartmouth blogosphere know who the victim of the Illegal Aliens on top of Kitt Peak story is? I'm dying to hear the Dartmouth side of the story. I just heard the Ohio State side of the story, but apparently the person at the 2.4m was a male grad student from Dartmouth when stuff went down. Does anybody even know what I'm talking about?


NYTimes Link Post: Science! Revamp funding!

Most of the stuff in this article is probably common knowledge to us grad-students, however it is refreshing to hear in the main stream media that people are being made aware of how things work in science land. As a self proclaimed worry-wart, and a person approaching graduation, things like post-docing, tenure track jobs, research funding (and even ideas too!) are constantly on the brain. With the current survival of the fittest (or most conservative as the article speaks to) approach to science we seem to be taking these days, it is a bit concerning that there are way more scientists than proper science jobs and funding for their ideas and research. And though the article is quite good, many of the comments appended at the end are similarly good. I suppose it's really just a bitch-fest, but what the hell. It's worth a read.

Guest Column: Letting Scientists Off the Leash


Michael Phelps' "scandal"

I don't have a clever headline or link for this post; I just wanted to say that I feel really bad for Phelps having his pot-smoking caught on tape and distributed across the world. Firstly, the guy has proven how hard-core he is - with that kind of training regimen, don't you think he's earned a little bit of relaxation? Secondly, this is a sad example of how America is (still) tight-ass about the wrong stuff. We have no problem with 12-year-old watching ultra-graphic movies or TV shows, no problem with the glorification of alcohol and cigarettes in pop culture, and no problem with a tyrannical interpretation of the 2nd amendment, but ohmygod, marijuana is the drug of the devil and must be classified right next to heroin even though medically it's pretty chill.

I think I'm allowed to lobby for decriminalization - not for myself mind you, but just on general principle - given that the "worst" thing I've ever done in terms of restricted substances was to try smoking a marlboro when I was 9. No? what's that? I'm an evil pothead and probably a baby-killer? fine then. As Tina Fey says, suck it.


Spring is coming?

Happy Chinese New Year! In lunar calendar, spring festival is to celebrate the beginning of spring. I hope spring is really coming, this winter is just too cold.....

Also a clip from China's annual celebration live show. When I was very young, I liked this show very very much. Watching the show together with my family on lunar new year eve is one of the best memories of my childhood. My father used to record it for me and I would watch it over and over again till the next new year. Anyways, this year's show is not bad, I especially like the way they used the big big screen.

It seems I can't embed any video, so here's the link for the clip.
City Variation.