Trolling the Right Wing

I thought that this was far too funny not to post. It raises the question of how you deal with people who absolutely believe something that you absolutely believe is wrong. This couple decided to use humor, which is probably as good of a way to do it as any other. Not that it changes the pro-choice people's minds or gives much more than a little feeling of self-satisfaction...

In my idealized world, we wouldn't need abortion clinics because everyone would have information and access to birth control so abortion could be a very rare thing that was only used in cases where lots of things failed.

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Questionable choices in traveling

So, the other week I had the opportunity to see several questionable things that make me seriously question people's ability to make decisions and understand logic.

First, I was driving down the highway following a police car. (Actually, I think he was pacing me...) All of a sudden, he slammed on his brakes and cut through the wide muddy ditch separating the lanes (with some very impressive bounces), and headed the other direction. Perfectly understandable behavior if he got called as backup. However, he went the other way with his lights off and slower than the traffic on the other side. So apparently the U-turn was just for fun. This is particularly odd since there was a paved crossover only 100 feet farther down the road. Curious.

Then, on the flight after that, the stewardess made a choice statment. Horizon only has fruit juices, water, beer, and wine (complementary!) on the flights and the guy behind me asked for a Coke. The stewardess said, "I can give you that, just not on this flight." So isn't that really a "I don't have that"?


PARTY! (woot)

It's that time of year again, time for a post about the AAS party. Calm, free of drama, those aren't words you'd expect given the normal stories. The AAS party was kind of calm and drama-free though. No one being harassed by text, no having to physically carry a student back to her hotel room after she imbibed enough to not be able to maintain verticality on her own, no shock of "OMG, the AAS part is at a gay club?!?"

Well, it was at a gay club again. It's much less shocking the second time. And, frankly, there weren't pictures of mostly naked guys on the walls. Other than the flags, butterflies, and shirtless men dancing, you would think it was just a regular club. (More on the shirtless guys later.)

When there's no drama, my AAS party experience is pretty standard. Talk to co-workers, friends, and students; find a place to watch the dance floor (but one where you can refuse to actually go dance); and then hang out and watch everyone. Oh, and have my yearly drink. It was a dark and stormy this year. Well, a faux dark and stormy. The real thing is supposed to be ginger beer, lime juice, and Gosling's Dark Seal black rum. The faux thing was ginger ale, a squeeze of lime, and white rum. Really, not quite the same thing. It wasn't terrible. Actually, two drinks this year, a rum and coke after that. Of course, given that it took me three hours to nurse the two drinks, I was metabolizing the alcohol faster than I was consuming it.

People watching is always interesting. There was the Haha, not every story needs to be told, particularly when its students that you know going places they shouldn't. Plausible deniability.

The shirtless guys though. Let me first say that I don't dance. I dance in private, I dance with my kids, but I don't dance in public. Being a head taller than everyone else means that when I do get on the dance floor I know that everyone can see me. It's a reciprocal relationship, if I can see what everyone else is doing, they can see me. Now, the last time that I actually danced in public, other than my wedding, was in middle school, but it taught me something. Namely, that people aren't looking around when they're dancing. I'm the only one. So really we can blame my not dancing on paranoia rather than people actually looking at me. Other people though don't have my paranoia and realize that people don't pay attention most of the time. So, in the midst of their kissing and neck licking, the shirtless guys hands kept disappearing. It was pretty discreet, but the look on their faces was pretty unmistakable. And then there was the long episode of hand licking after one of the shirtless guys make an especially unmistakable face. Other than that, not too much to report.

As a side note, I don't really understand homosexuality. I don't get squicked by it, but it's more of "why would you want to do that with a guy?" Anyway, no one's forcing me to do anything so people can be attracted to the people that they're attracted to.

Oh, and I think I might have more fun at the parties when I get to avert a disaster.


Alumni Email IMAP

So, since I'll be losing my email soon, I recently set up my email. It seems to be working fine and dandy, with similar aliases etc, but I can't for the life of me get it to sync with my Mail app in OS X. It uses a different mail server (yertle2.DARTMOUTH.ORG), but is mostly the same otherwise. Anybody have any magical remedies? Surely there are Mail users out there in blog land that have their Alum emails working ...