Toxic Load

The CNN headline reads "Tests reveal high chemical levels in kids' bodies".

My initial reaction was a seemingly callous "no duh!" but also pleased that maybe, just maybe, this will finally get people's attention.  Given that K worked on a boat that for over 5 years traveled the globe taking top-of-the-foodchain (sperm whales) tissue samples, finding that there is nowhere in the ocean that is unpolluted, this isn't a big surprise.

Relatedly, I recommend "Michael Clayton".  check it out.  Kinda formulaic at times, but still pretty good.

We took the opportunity to move as a chance to implement something I've wanted to do for a while, which is to have to have a 'plastic-free' house.  Obviously there are limits, but my initial criterion was to minimize the plastic we eat out of, and also to not use "recycling" as an excuse for buying disposable plastic containers - the recycling process for plastics is much more inefficient than for metal or glass, and so you feel good going it, but it's not too great.  Anyway, we found some really cool glass containers at World Traders, and it's going ok.  I'm saying this not to sound all smug, just to illustrate that (a) it can be done and (b) it's really hard/depression how addicted we are to a plastic/toxic lifestyle.


Cell phones in the Upper Valley

This post is on behalf of Chris, I'm not sure why I'm doing this since he should really suck it up, but anyway, he is considering entry into the 20th century (can't skip directly to the 21st) - getting a cell phone. ... but what carrier to people have/recommend?

I have Sprint which has rather good service/coverage in the Upper Valley, but another factor is that Lindsay has Verizon. thoughts? suggestions? comments?


Chicken salad of Death!

For those unaware, Veronica De Zayas '08 published a funny little rant last week, lambasting The Wrap* for the admittedly horrible 'nutritional' content of the Chinese Chicken Salad: 1198.78 calories, and 103.88 grams of fat (160 % RDA), most of which comes from the dressing (big surprise). Ok, so that's pretty bad, but the funny part is the degree of righteous indignation - isn't "don't eat fast-food salad dressing" the number one commandment of healthy eating? Granted, it's pretty lazy of the company to not notice/allow something like that, but still does one such oversight make them an evil company?

Anyway, here is the CEO's response (John Pepper '91). Print it out and you get a free burrito, today only!


Ruthian curse extends to Hedge Funds?

Apparently so.  Major and minority ownership partners have seen finances fall off a cliff, with a few more spooky coincidences.

Slightly relatedly, good to see Trot Nixon back in Fenway, sad that he's in an Indians uniform... but he still deserved the four standing-o's.

Trot Nixin, trying to break himself (again)

Oh, and Mr. Glass (J.D. Drew), the man who replaced Trot for $70 million over five seasons, is batting .238 on the year, .191 in May.  Ouch.


Ferrari-buying advice

With the waiting period now more than two-years (worse than the queue for a Harley), Nathaniel, here's some advice from Ferarri dealer Michael Mastrangelo:

“It’s very hard to come into a dealership right now and put in a new order if you are not already a customer... When I get a young person, what I say is, let’s start with a used car.”