Brian's POTW: night sky

I will start by admitting that I didn't actually take this photo, but it is an impressive (depressing) example of light pollution:

On the left we have a "dark sky" photograph - a 'naked-eye' photo from the ground under good observing circumstances ... while on the right is the same region of the sky, taken in "the teeming metropolis of Orem, UT at the heart of the Utah County megalopolis comprising about half a million people." I'm not quite sure where JP Stanley is from* to call Orem, Utah a "teeming metropolis" but no matter - the comparison is striking.

* oops, turns out he is from Orem. hmm.

P.S. This isn't really Brian, but it fits the category.


I can has rare burger?

Would you say this squirrel has been eating flesh? Check out the bloody teeth (click image to view larger).
Squirrel, Close up
focal length: 23.8 mm (142.8mm in 35 mm equivalence), aperture: f/3.5, shutter: 1/160, distance: ~0.5 m

I took this on Boston Common. Those squirrels have clearly learned that people won't hurt them and might even give them them food: he was only about 2 feet away from the lens. I didn't feed him.


POTW #10: The Fattest Squirrel I've Ever Seen

shutter speed: 1/30 sec, focal length: 72 mm (432 mm in 35 mm equivalence), aperture: f/3.5, distance: about 2 meters

I took this picture on my honeymoon in Havre de Grace, Maryland. The squirrels on this boardwalk were not at all afraid of humans, and it shows. I would not be surprised if this guy had been hand fed a few happy meals this year. Continue reading POTW #10: The Fattest Squirrel I've Ever Seen


POTW #9: Camping


f:170mm, aperture: f/3.5, shutter: 1/20, distance, 3 meters

some additional stats (since Michael asked for stats): Based on the estimated subject distance of 3 meters, and using a circle of confusion of 0.005 mm(because the sensor's so small), the near limit of the d.o.f. is 2.82 m, far limit: 3.21 m, for a total d.o.f of 0.39 meters. This means everything closer than about 20 cm in front of Jeff's face, or further than 20 cm behind is out of focus.


POTW #7: African or European?

Strurnus Vulgaris
(click image to view larger)

I thought I'd stick with the avian theme today: European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) on Boston Common, 16 Sept 2007.
focal length: 432 mm, aperture: f/3.5, shutter: 1/160, distance: 2.5 meters

It is estimated that the North American population of european starlings numbers around 200 million. All these birds descend from a population of 60-100 individuals which were brought from Europe and released in New York's Central Park in the early 1890's. This specimen is a juvenile. Adults are more predominantly black.