We are, very fortunately, NOT in the process of moving. Whenever K and I see a moving van, or others in the neighborhood carrying boxes or whatnot in/out of places, we high-five and are very glad to not be relocating.

This weekend, however, I needed to dig up some old class notes, and naturally that involved opening up several boxes trying to find the right one - and in so doing unearthed a bunch of fun (and dull) memories that reminded me of this friend-of-a-friends' post about digging up things from a little further back.

So, blogosphere, what school project from elementary school do you still remember? The first one that came to my mind was a "fog picture" in 1st grade, where constructed a scene from construction paper and wax paper, placing the background/distant items on the bottom, then laying down a sheet of wax paper, then the middle ground cutouts, then more wax paper, and then finally foreground items, with one more sheet of wax paper. Pretty clever idea really. I've no idea where that thing is, but I do remember it had whales in it. Funny, that.