The code that protects soapbox seems to be working pretty well. I really never look at this anymore, but despite that, it doesn't look like anything bad has gotten up.

However, there are plenty of people/programs that register for the blog in hopes that it's configured to automatically let them write posts. 430, since the last time I cleaned it out, to be exact. lives!

Thanks to Greg, works again. I'm working on bringing up a few more programs on it and the blog is going to stay on, but it's all good.

Due to magic, if you previously had an account on, you should be able to log into it now using your old passwords. I just migrated everything over.


Brian is Syndicated!

Lots of exclamation points today.

I asked Brian, literally months ago, whether it would be ok to syndicate his blog onto soapbox and he said yes. I finally figured out the software, so now everything he posts on his blog will show up here too. (Maybe it'll make it look like we're more active.)

Anyway, welcome back Brian.


SP 'a' M question

A couple older relatives and friends of mine recently got burned by a spam/malware/phishing issue that traces back to desktopdate d0t net. Does anybody have any experience/knowledge of this?

I've found this but at least one of the people involved claims to have not clicked on the email, but still had many invites issued on their behalf to the contents of their address book.


An Administrative Note

As the intermittent availability of the blog has shown, dactyl doesn't have the chops to be a web server with a significant load. It wasn't a problem when it was just us... but when the web spiders (particularly fucking Bing) started hitting, it just didn't have the power to run multiple sql queries to serve up the pages.

So, how to fix it? Well, it's a situation of "dactyl is dead, long live dactyl!" might not be able to handle things, but can. I changed some files on the old dactyl to send all the blog traffic over to the new machine. The full archives are on the new machine, everyone's user accounts, everything so it should work.

I'm leaving personal web pages and everything at

Basically, everything should just work now and if you type something that's on the new server, it will automatically take you there.

Now we just need to work on getting some new blood into the system.


Sexual Harassment

I just finished my online training in sexual harassment prevention. Despite the fact that I spent a half hour reading through the material, I feel like I know nothing more than I did before. In fact, I may be slightly dumber... Seriously though, how hard is it to recognize the blatantly obvious situations they come up with?

Speaking of that, two of the last five of my blog posts could be construed as sexual harassment.

Here's a very interesting observation though. No where in the sexual harassment materials does it say that professors here can't date students. You can't trade sex for promotions/grades/whatever (and lack of "no" doesn't imply "yes" given that the faculty are in a position of power) and you can't walk around making suggestive comments. However, relationships with the consent of both parties are "imprudent" but not forbidden.

At Loyola, it was explicitly stated in the guidelines that relationships with students were firing offenses. Not at good old Whitman though. I should go talk to Prof. redacted.


Soapbox Subscribers?

This post is half for Nathaniel, but also directed to others who have friends who may have subscribed to the Soapbox. We have 16 listed subscribers, some of which I suspect are spammers given their .ru email suffix, but we also have some more legit-looking ones, such as accogypeall 'kat' or the user "bombiafepaine" who has a gmail email. Any insight?

We have gotten a few spam items sneaking through the filters, but I just realized that subscriber-spam might be sneaking through the nets.