If you don't yet know about this website, then you (especially as a reader of this blog) should.

Between the chief writer/analyst Nate Silver's pedigree as a U.Chicago economist and a statistician over at Baseball Prospectus, I think his statistics are pretty solid. Plus, he embodies two of this blog's frequently favorite topics: politics and baseball.

For example: his projections are the results of Monte Carlo style simulations of the actual election based on current and historical polling data, all judiciously weighted based on the poll's historical
performance. Color me duly impressed.

Hooray for yet another way to waste copious amounts of time on the interwebs!


Whoa, Manny!

No kidding, y'all: Manny Ramirez, often the sloppiest, goofiest, not-known-for-his-defense-est, yet hard-hitting-est guy in baseball made an absolutely astoundingly funny and awesome play in a recent game. I'd rate its memorable goofiness right up there with Big Papi hugging the Yuniesky Betancourt to get himself out in a Sox-Mariners game last May.

Anyways, you can see Manny's play for yourself, just go and check it out here.
(Mac users beware: my plugins are weird or something so the only sound I get is loud static...)

Anyways, it's a great play that also features Manny being Manny. One big love-hate fest all at once. Gotta love it! πŸ˜€