wanna blaze?

So i just found an iphone in the wilder washroom, touched the screen and an email came up with the words "you wanna blaze?"

Scrolled over and found a whole conversation between dundergrads about getting a really good "eighth", I resisted the temptation to make them give me some in return for the phone and gave the iphone to Gaynell with the text conversation open... hilarity ensued.

edit: (spelling corrected undergrads -> dundergrads)


vmware fusion

So I have one program from windoze that I still love and need. Mathcad. So I have kept my inspiron around so that I could integrate gaussians and do algebraic stuff that mathcad is awesome at.

Today I decided to install vmware on my macbook (1G memory) just so I could have mathcad.

For those of you who have any desire to do this or have residual windoze programs that you may desire to use then I am happy to say the process is incredibly painless and sub $65. I was able to use mathcad without "seeing" windows in under 70 minutes.


Note on the screen shot, that the winapp mathcad is in the dock along with windows explorer and it is open in the 10.4 screen.

So, completely painless so far, runs faster than the native inspiron, and basically everything I hoped it would be.