Thesis in LaTex

I'm sure that I'm breaking some sort of pre-dissertation hazing that I should be going through right now, but I was wondering if any former grads who wrote their thesis in LaTEX (which should be everyone methinks) would be willing to share their style files and cover page with me? I've only submitted journal articles up to this point, using the journal style files, so things like a cover page, a table of contents and such are all very foreign. Surprisingly, I could not find any .tex copies of Dartmouth theses online.


Followup to Nick's post regarding student representation in departmental affairs

Apparently as a result of last year's departmental review, there is going to be (I'm told) a new graduate student position made to represent us in departmental meetings. The extent of this positions' involvement is not yet determined, however I think that whomever takes up this post may have a large impact in that respect.

Kristina Lynch is the chair of the grad committee this year and so any interested/proactive parties may want to contact her before the term starts and throw their hat in the ring.

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When parents join social networking sites.... that you're on

So, I had thought the most uncomfortable friend request one could receive on facebook was from that old pseudo-acquaintance from high school who you never intended on speaking with ever again. Or perhaps from the random underage girl who thought that you reminded her of someone she saw on the street one time.

What, that doesn't happen to everyone? Maybe it's just me...

Regardless, let me tell you that when your mother befriends you on facebook it is way way creepier.

It's like my whole world has been turned upside down. I feel like she just walked in on me doing something totally juvenile and I wanna tell everyone, "Quick, hide the #@$!!."

How on earth is my facebook page supposed to remain cool with my mom as a friend? Someone explain that to me.
Am I overreacting here? Does anyone else have parents as friends on facebook? Is my mom just that cool or am I just that lame?

And before you start thinking that this is just my problem, let us not forget the 2 degrees of separation on facebook. By her being my friend, she is now only a stone's throw away from all of your pages as well. Just think of that... my mother has access to all of your facebook pages. How long until YOUR parents join up? Maybe they already have!?!?

Run for the hills!!! AHHHHHHHH!

-Still Reeling in Hanover

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The war is over, they won

With my moving down to Boston, I feel it is no longer reasonable that I continue my fight against modernization by refusing to get a cell phone. I won't go into the many reasons why I dislike them, sufficed to say I think they herald the end of civilization, but now I find myself weighing the prospect of having 2 land line phone bills vs. 1 shared cell phone plan.

So, since this is my first time I'd like to request input from all of you as to what I should look for in a cell phone plan and in a cell phone from said plan. Neither Kathy nor I talk on the phone that much and we'll primarily be calling either each other or family back in New Mexico.

What says the council in this my hour need?