FCC Actually Does Its Job (Kinda)

If you don't read slashdot or ars-tech or other nerdy sites, you probably haven't heard of LightSquared, the company whose business plan was to develop a 4G network that ohbytheway infringed on GPS frequencies to the point that the GPS system might well fail... but (with good reason) they seemed to figure that the FCC was so gutless that they'd get away with it.

So in a move that was widely denounced by fellowly-eunuched federal organizations, the FDA and EPA, the FCC actually said "hang on a minute". If you care you can read lots about this, or just enjoy a chuckle via the Onion.


Playing the sex card

I'm probably going to be excommunicated for supporting this proposal, but I have to say I love the new post at scientopia suggesting that maybe it's time to bring out the big guns and emulate Lysistrata's policy (in order to end the Peloponnesian War, women play the "no sex until peace" card).

I hesitate to post on political items too frequently, but given the increasingly extreme anti-women stance of the GOP, it's worth mentioning. While I will be personally bummed if such a scorched...bed? strategy were implemented, I'm all in favor of trying something that would get those asshats' attention. Janet admits that the men whose attention she/we are trying to get probably "do not care terribly about the wishes of women with whom they are partnered", but just as OWS saved all our butts by drawing media attention to the way in which our rights were being trampled by Wall Street, maybe such a sex-strike would raise the profile of the degree to which women's bodies are no longer under their own control.

I would never presume I was entitled to funsexytime with someone whose personhood and bodily autonomy I didn't step up to fight for when it was under threat. Heck, I would step up to fight for the personhood and bodily autonomy even of people with whom I have no desire to have funsexytime because that's what decent human beings do.

Bottom line? I'm embarrassed by our collectively muted response, and refuse to allow the women I love to be abused (literally) by a small minority of religious extremists.