Phone Talk

Since y'all gave me such fabulous advice about my tires, I thought I'd ask for your opinion on phones. I'm up for a new phone, and it's a good thing since my Motorola RZR, after two years of satisfactory-to-sketchy service, is on its last leg. The three phones I'm considering are the Motorola RZR V3m, the Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m, and the LG Chocolate. I feel like my 16 yr old little sister has admired her friends' chocolates, but I don't know what the appeal is besides the name. Suggestions?

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Last Wednesday I bought snow tires.  My 2WD Toyota Highlander slides around in bad weather like a hotdog in a bun.  So last Monday I alternately called City Tires and Interstate Tires until one of the lines wasn't busy.  Mr. City Tires asked what size tires I needed.  "I drive a Toyota Highlander." "Let's see... that's a 225-70.  I just have Firestone Winterforce in that size."  "Would you recommend those?"  "Thas all I got in that size.  I'm all outta th' others."

So I decided to go for it.  $109 a tire including installation, and another $10 each for studs.  I figured I was probably getting gypped, but I didn't really know what to do about that.  On Wedensday I waited an extra half hour "the stud gun broke.  it's been a helluva day"  and finally was ready to check out.  "What'd I say, $129?"  "No, you said $119.  $109+$10 for studs."  "Oh, yeah, right, probably forgot to write it down." Umm...

 This morning in a moment of weakness I pulled out the invoice.  There's a $12 recycling fee (what did they recycle?  They put my summer tires in my trunk) and a $15.50/tire studding service.  Umm... I thought it was $10/tire.

 So, my question is, how do I interact with members of the automotive services community without getting taken advantage of?   


Hellooooo Soapbox!

Wow, thanks for the intro, Ethan! I confess that I've been keeping tabs on soapbox for a few months now, but haven't taken the initiative to get in touch with Nathaniel and learn how to log on. Thanks to Mike's thesis defense, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to Nathaniel, which I did with remarkable poise and grace.

Anyway, I look forward to posting frequently and commenting regularly. I can't wait to choose my categories! Also, I had a fabulous time at Brian's wedding, and if you want to hear more about it you should talk to Tim (totally sober), to me (mostly sober), to Joel (OK!?!), or to Chris (...).