Making Shit Up

Pretty soon I will be contractually unable to talk about a fair portion of my work. Which as any graduate student knows, is actually kinda a relief, since "how's your work going" isn't usually a great conversation topic for most of us.

The problem with this limitation is that I'm somewhat ill-trained for SoCal conversation. Naturally, you can't go with "man, Papelbon was awesome last night" or "what the hell was Rem-dawg talking about last night", but really most sports-related water cooler talk is out the window here, except for golf. Additionally, since it is always sunny and warm here, you can't use the weather as a conversation starter.

So, basically, I've decided to make shit up. I end up doing this accidentally sometimes, like when I'm getting my haircut and the hairdresser/barber mis-hears something I say and I don't feel like correcting them, but I figure that now I'll just be a little more direct/intentional with my creativity.

Speaking of creativity, here's my recent graphjam, inspired by having the Snoop/Phish song stuck in my head all day.



More vocab

(1) Dundergrad. n. formed from the contraction of Dartmouth + undergrad = D'undergrad, this term refers to those individuals who exhibit the baffling combination of [poor judgement/stupidity/lack of common sense/academic superiority/wealth/disregard for expensive possessions] that is characteristic of many Dartmouth students.

(2)Umfriend. n. An individual with whom one has a sexual relationship; as in, “this is Katie,” (from a discussion overheard yesterday on the bus, good times.)