Andrea's observing run up in smoke...

Due to a wild fire, everyone on Kitt Peak was ordered to evacuate. That includes me. So I am now an evacuee and in a Tucson hotel, waiting for more info... At least our hotel has a pool.
Here you can read the local news story about it:
It is the only news I could find out about it... You'd think it would make the NYtimes! 🙂

I took some photos... of the huge open orange flames that would occasionally jump out of the thick, black smoke, and I got a shot of the planes spraying orange stuff and weaving in and out of the smoke, and I got a photo of the picnic area sign that says "Picnic area closed. High Fire Danger" with the fire in the background, and I got a picture of the news crew driving up the mountain. If I had my cable to download the photos, I'd sell them to the news crews. But alas, it is in NH.


If I were Russian, I would be dressed up as an cosmonaut today.

Why? Because today is cosmonaut day. I was an astronaut for halloween, so I do have an appropriate costume. If you notice, Google is all spaced out, and I think that might have to do with cosmonaut day.

Today is cosmonaut day -- Forth six years ago, Yuri Gagarin went on Vostok 1 into Earth's orbit, and was the first man into space.

read more from BBC

Maybe someday I'll have an extra 20 million dollars lying around so I can go to space as well.


Baltimore--here I come.

So it turns out that I can't live without Nathaniel.  I know, we've all been saying that, but for me it's the dog gone truth.  Infact, it has gotten to the point that Brian is sending me to Baltimore to spend the day with him.  And I'm leaving tomorrow.  Brian is paying my $230.00 airfare, plus food and airport shuttle expenses (I hope), to pester G-dog about crowded field photometry.  Anyway, if anyone wants to jump in my duffel bag, give me a holler.  But you can't distract him from teaching me crowded field photometry--NO PLAYING SQUASH OR POKER until I've had my way with him.  🙂