Gone Girl

Gone Girl has been out for multiple years now, but I finally saw it.

Here are the deep thoughts that I have about the movie, deep thoughts that I'm sure a freshman film studies student would already have responses to.

One. What was the actual state of the marriage? As a bigger question, what was Amy's motivation? Did she keep NPH on the hook for years just so she could play something like this out?

Two. (Kind of a refinement of my last question) Was this all an opportunity to show up "Amazing Amy". One one hand, we have an example of real twins who go to the ends of the Earth to support each other. Is Amy motivated by the twin that always showed her up?

Three. Why didn't the redneck robbers ever come back out of the woodwork? That's the thing that could have brought down the evil plan.

Four. Madea, Esq. said the defense was to change public perception until the jury could reach a non-guilty verdict. I found it really interesting that the view of the movie followed the exact opposite opinion train on Amy.