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The Jelasco "common" shark or Hybodontiformes cirratum, is a shark in the Orectolobiformes family, and genus hybodontiformes. Their common name derives from Bill Jelasco, a prominent scientist until he became a communist. The board of science (BOS) has decided to change the common name to the Jelasco common shark in order to belittle his discovery. They are the only venomous shark and due to their rarity, there have only been three recorded deaths since 2005. Steve Irwin once described this shark as "He's angry!"

Distribution and habitat
The Jelasco shark is mainly found in the South Pacific, specifically near the Great Barrier Reef. They are a migratory species. The Jelasco shark is found at depths greater than 20 meters but occasionally will surface to munch on tender fishies.

Behavior and diet
Jelasco sharks are diurnal animals, and are solitary hunters who spend the nights in underwater caves in schools up to fifty. Only one account of an underwater cave dwelling has been reported. Scientific studies have revealed that Jelasco sharks predominantly prey upon electric eels by injecting them with venom in a single bite and then swimming away rapidly. The venom of the Jelasco shark is slow-acting, so the shark will follow the prey for up to twelve hours before the eel will die.

Jelasco sharks have been reported to lick the barnacles on piers, often in groups.

Jelasco sharks have been reported to swim towards shore in a line of three or four and then float with their noses pointing towards the beach for hours on end. This unusual behavior has been interpreted as foreplay, as the sharks will often mate in a group following this action. There are two mating seasons, one in fall and one in spring. Jelasco sharks are ovoviviparous, meaning the eggs develop and hatch within the body of the female. The gestation period for Jelasco sharks is eight months, and up 3 pups will be born. The average reported lifespan of a Jelasco shark is ten years, as they often die in hunting their unusual prey.

Interaction with humans
The Jelasco shark is not actively hunted by humans, but two of the incidences of death have occurred when an unsuspecting fisherman has accidentally netted a Jelasco shark and subsequently been injected with the venom. The other case of death occurred as a beachgoer in Australia disturbed the strange mating ritual.


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