Michael posted this on Facebook, but it's good for the blog too.

Apparently Christmas is a rare birthday. I wonder if it's a reporting issue or just that people don't want to have their kids on holidays. The opposite seems to be true for Valentine's.

And then there's the fact that September is one gestation period after Christmas/New Year's.

Birthday Probabilities


Jenny McCarthy > Medical Science

I don't actually think that she's truly to blame for everyone not vaccinating, but this is an "entertaining" site that tells how many children have become sick or died due to impropper or non-vaccination.

Disturbing, it's over 1000 kids.

Jenny McCarthy Body Count

The interesting thing that I read recently was that there might be problems with the Tdap vaccine. It's now the standard vaccine for Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis replacing multiple vaccines that were used before. However, it looks like for pertussis, at least, it's much less effective than previously believed. Like you need to get a booster every three years instead of every 10.


Disgusting Excess

Here's the thing though, I don't know if these pictures of excess are actually disgusting or not. I mean, I kind of want these things. But I think I'd have better sense than to pay thousands of dollars for booze that you can buy for 10% of the cost.

Rich Kids of Instagram

I mean Patron Silver is only $50 in the grocery stores here. Unless I'm really missing something.