Questionable choices in traveling

So, the other week I had the opportunity to see several questionable things that make me seriously question people's ability to make decisions and understand logic.

First, I was driving down the highway following a police car. (Actually, I think he was pacing me...) All of a sudden, he slammed on his brakes and cut through the wide muddy ditch separating the lanes (with some very impressive bounces), and headed the other direction. Perfectly understandable behavior if he got called as backup. However, he went the other way with his lights off and slower than the traffic on the other side. So apparently the U-turn was just for fun. This is particularly odd since there was a paved crossover only 100 feet farther down the road. Curious.

Then, on the flight after that, the stewardess made a choice statment. Horizon only has fruit juices, water, beer, and wine (complementary!) on the flights and the guy behind me asked for a Coke. The stewardess said, "I can give you that, just not on this flight." So isn't that really a "I don't have that"?


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