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I was just reading an interesting article on Equire about Rick Santorum's recent primary wins. Add that to a discussion on the Diane Rehm show on NPR this morning about the whole birth control/Catholic hospitals issue and I have to wonder what is going on.

How is it that the country is so amazingly set on just ignoring the issues we have to deal with. We're seriously saying that all of the advances we've made socially in the last 30 years should be rolled back. The solution to the implosion of the financial markets and the housing mess is to bury our heads in the sand. Global warming is something that can be ignored by pretending it won't happen.

The good thing about democracy is that we get what we want. The bad part is that most people are idiots and want stupid short-sighted things.

It's not like the US hasn't taken odd shifts in the past. The people who passed the 18th ammendment thought that prohibition was the right thing to do after all. In the past though, we've always swung back onto a good path. We've moved forward. I don't see how that's going to happen now. It makes me very sad, and frankly, a little worried.

There was a nice comment at the bottom of the Esquire article. "...[everyone who isn't in the Christian right] is looking at the GOP like they looked at the middle hour of Bruce Willis' "12 Monkeys."


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4 thoughts on “OMG! Politics”

  1. It makes me terrified/horrified. I'm just hoping we don't implode completely before it starts to get better.

  2. Holly, I admire your optimism that it starts to get better.

    No, seriously, I think that's a key distinction. For the past xx decades, the Republicans have been the party of nostalgia, of saying "no, wait, it was better back then", and being intellectually unable (or uninterested) in recognizing that "better for me" does not always mean "better". Life was better for me back when women couldn't vote or when dark-skinned persons only counted 60%? Clearly the solution is to roll things back.

    Related to the subject is another Esquire article that has been waiting to be put into a post. Maybe my favorite article of the (admittedly young) year, so I want to do it justice.

  3. Oh, and speaking of Santorum (the guy, not the substance), I still think it's (a) pretty darn sweet that Dan Savage's creation caught on and (b) super funny/ironical that the guy ended up running (in a loose definition of the word) for President. Let that be a lesson to bigoted politicians who compare gay sex to bestiality.

  4. Well, I did leave the opening there for total implosion. Canada and/or Scandinavia are looking better and better every week. The level of stupid in this presidential primary race is, I'm pretty sure, making some of my brain cells commit suicide.

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