I wanted the Pats to win. Meh.

Other than that though, was anyone shocked by the lack of creativity in ads during the Superbowl? "Hey, our beer's in a blue bottle." doesn't really strike me as great advertising. The Hundai ads were at least a little creative, although why didn't the guy get in the cheetah cage to get away from the cat?

The thing that really surprised me were the number of "rebuilding" ads. GE talking about the good things they do to help americans with MRIs and turbine generators. (The beer tie-in was pretty fucking forced though.) Or Clint Eastwood saying that america can be great again. You can see my earlier post, but I don't see how that's a hopeful message right now. Unless we're willing to open our eyes, we're stuck in this shit, and I don't see anyone looking around right now.

Ruling those out, there were only three commercials that exemplified what a Superbowl commercial should be to me.



(who would ever believe that?)

Apparently, I based my opinions entirely on the existance of Adriana Lima or Catrinel Menghia in the ad, but nothing else was that good. And Audi, for shame, vampires are supposed to be over, even in an ironic sense.


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3 thoughts on “Commercials”

  1. I agree. The commercials were, by and large, as much of a letdown as the game itself. I'm not sure if we're supposed to talk about actual sports on this blog, but I've become increasingly disappointed with so-called "world championships" in US sports, where all it really means is that a given coin-flip went a certain team's way. I really hate small sample sizes - even the World Series is the same way.

    But anyway, back to the commercials. I actually liked the Eastwood one, and I think that the "we can be great again" message isn't necessarily a bad one - it doesn't have to mean "let's go back to the glorious 50s" the way GOPers would interpret it. Like any 12-step program, admitting we have a problem is an important step... of course one group says that problem is Wall Street and another says that problem is women and minorities and poor people, but hey.

  2. I thought we didn't have to care about poor people or women. Aren't they being helped enough already?

    I'm also fine on giving up on all these problems that the academics and liberals have been pushing on us. Back to the 1980s when we had Reagan.

    Hmm, we didn't have cell phones? The sky was black in LA from pollution? Violent crime was significantly higher than it is now? Teen pregnancy was higher? No internet? The Apple IIe was the hot computer? Popular cars had 70 hp engines? Flatscreen TVs didn't exist? CDs didn't exist?

  3. And I liked the Eastwood ad too. It was good. It was a little awe inspiring. For a moment, I had some suspension of disbelief. But then I sunk back down to reality and the lift of the ad made sinking back to normal all the worse.

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