I'm dying!

AHHHH! I can't keep my eyes open after reading 50 students subtly misexplain how retrograde motion is explained in the heliocentric and geocentric system. Or completely bomb questions about why reflecting telescopes don't have issues with chromatic aberration. (I really didn't think people were going to have so much trouble with that one.)

I'm rewarding myself for finishing a page by blogging.

It's lead me to some interesting realizations. Namely that the problem with the exams is that I'm teaching the class as a breadth of a knowledge class rather than a depth of knowledge one. The advanced astrophysics class that I'm giving a final to right now will be much easier to grade since they're showing me the interconnectedness of different details in how stars work. I can't ask the same sorts of questions of my intro students though since we cover everything from astronomical history to planets to evolution of the Universe.

I think the answer is going to be to just suck it up and power through.

Ok eyes, stay open!


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