Move Successful!

Thanks to help from many friends on both ends, we had a very smooth and successful move, although our cats might not describe it that way. I was driving the U-Haul, and Beth the Corolla with the cats. One of them never stopped meowing and was hoarse for a few days after we arrived (Hint, it wasn’t Beth). I wish I’d taken a photo of the cab of the truck. It was pretty well packed with curtain rods, a 16″ pizza, back packs, our spinning wheel, and a carboy of 5 year old cider (seat-belted and wearing a fedora and a jacket). In reference to the wheel, one man at a toll booth said, “Nice spinner you got there!” The back of the truck was quite a sight as well, having been packed by a crew dominated by physics PhDs. Nothing budged on the road. Here are a few pictures from the journey:

We got a cool viking truck for the journey! It was a 20 footer.


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