Weaning Gilmarsh

The story of a child raised in London through the 1930s and 40s, always finding himself on the wrong side of the tracks. The movie portrays his decline into the dank corners of British organized crime, syphilis, and prostitution.

Or, it could just be a student describing phases of the Moon and getting "waning gibbous" wrong.


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4 thoughts on “Weaning Gilmarsh”

  1. You seem to have a fair number of dumb students. Is that just a function of my forgetting what intro-class-student are like, or am I in for a rude shock when I return to academia?

  2. Okay, now you've made me feel bad about being mean to 3rd graders. Though really I should be impressed that they'd be familiar with "obscure" British film?

  3. Haha, yeah. đŸ™‚ Actually, I'll put in a little rant here and follow it up with a real post later. People have been killing the jokes in my [infrequent] facebook status updates. There was one with a picture with amazing typos in it, and someone completely ignored the typos and commented as though it were spelled correctly. So that makes me an asshole if I point out the joke. Or, the next status after that I joked about naming a horse "Cordovan"... funny because cordovan is both a color of leather and a very exclusive type of leather made from horses. It's like having a cow and naming him "Steak". Sigh.

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