Oooh, shiney!

So, about a month ago K decided that she really needed to get a new laptop, after a few months of shopping around and pondering different options. I lobbied for the soon-to-be updated MacBook Pro, and so last Thursday or whenever it was (two weeks ago? wow), we went over to our friendly Apple store to pick one up.

For future reference, if you ever need to receive immediate help from multiple Geniuses, half an hour before close on a random weeknight is a great option. I counted 12 employees to three customers, counting the two of us. Anyway, it was pretty exciting to buy something the first day it was released... I felt very tall and Nathaniel-like.

Oh, and the MBP itself? sa-weet. Even the low-end 13" has two i5's and is nice and speedy, and while we don't yet have anything to plug into the make-USB3-look-slow "Thunderbolt" port, I feel like my efficiency jumps just by being near the thing.