Week-Late Superbowl Post

The superbowl itself seemed pretty reasonable. Since it's the only football game I watch every year, I didn't have much skin in the game as far as the winner. I decided that I would just root against Roethlisberger and apparently it worked.

My real bitch though is the halftime show. I figured that the Black Eyed Peas would be ok, right? I wasn't expecting that the sound and lights would have been set up by a high school AV club. When you have over 100 million people watching, you should really make sure that everyone's microphones are on!

And then there were the Peas themselves. I'll admit that I've thought their songs were catchy in the past. I just never really realized that they don't have "songs" they have "song." It's one song with slight tweaks. Normally, when the Superbowl performers do a montage of their hits, they have to put transitions in. Not the Peas, when you only have one song, you can just go from part to part.

I liked Slash though.


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One thought on “Week-Late Superbowl Post”

  1. I was on an airplane for the SB, which as it turns out is too bad since I'd have enjoyed watching Roethlisberger lose. Is that petty? probably.

    Too bad that halftime show sucked though... I wanted the Peas to do well, if for nothing else to encourage the suits to avoid groups for which my main hope was that they not break a hip during the performance (Stones, Aerosmith, U2, Springsteen, etc).

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