Cape Cod Pants

While at Chris and Lindsay's wedding, I decided that the one thing my wardrobe "needs" is a pair of Cape-Cod-red pants.

Now, however, I realize that I need a little bit more. The person who taught me this? Ralph Lauren.

Go to the web page for Lauren's "Big Pony Frangrances" and watch the One Republic soundtracked advertisement. About 30 seconds in there are two dudes who look like they should be Kennedys. Striped oxford shirts, tweed blazers, colorful striped ties. I almost have the haircut of the guy on the left too, I think I could pull it off.

Well, until you get to the end of the ad and see that they're wearing their red and yellow pants at the same time. I'm not sure I have the balls to do that.


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2 thoughts on “Cape Cod Pants”

  1. Ok, some corrections, one guy is wearing hot pink pants and the other is wearing yellow. The dude using a tie belt as a sling for his cast is pretty cool too. Maybe I should go break an arm.

  2. I saw the pink ones outside a "frat apartment" last Monday. The guy wearing them was not cool enough enough to be doing so, unfortunately.

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