So, Microsoft has spent a bunch of $$ on TV adverts for Bing during sports broadcasts... and I've read/heard several positive opinions both on it's own and in comparison to Google.

My question is, what makes a good search engine? My social media friends could provide one kind of answer, but I'm not sure that's the kind of answer I'm looking for. Back in the day, search engine choice really mattered - you had to know that AltaVista was good for certain kinds of searches (music and images I think, but less-so news) while yahoo could be counted on to return popular subjects, etc.

Back then, I would often search for an unknown, in contrast to these days when I have a pretty good idea of what I want, but am too lazy to hunt through my bookmarks or type in the URL correctly. This laziness is made possible by connection/search speed... but what am I missing? Is Bing better, and why, and is this a legit question or the uneducated ponderings of a old person?


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One thought on “Bing?”

  1. Of course, back in the day, a new site was big news. Not like the $9.95 domain registrations today. I mean, what are you going to search for now, a new blog? 🙂

    I think I view the internet as much more of a tool now, less of entertainment. What I'd really like is a search site that knows my preferences and finds what I'm looking for on my preferred places.

    Sort of like for Jimmy that it would know a search for "Midget Porn" is should bring up before!

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