2 thoughts on “Holy Crap!”

  1. Umm, yeah. Those are not necessarily awesome. The blue velour crotch-suit is, um, inspirational? Or not. These could certainly inspire a lot of fear in kids, does that count?

    Actually, what's impressive is that these are NOT the worst Olympic mascots... for example, Athena & Pevos of the 2004 Athens Summer Games:

    or Atlanta's nonsense from 1996:

    ... or keeping with the blue-sperm motif, how about Schuss, Genoble's 1968 mascot?

  2. Stumbled on this while looking for London 2012 stuff. Weird indeed, but the weirdest part is that you know there was probably a whole committe of people that decided that one eyed space monsters would be a good idea.

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