So I'm finally going to get around to upgrading my MacBook to 10.6. I'm going to do a clean install and start from scratch, which is quite frightening. I have my whole computer backed up on an external, and I've even burned my thesis and other important docs to a CD. Still, this is very scary.


2 thoughts on “Upgrading”

  1. Congrats, and let me know how it goes. I'm going to have to upgrade my work computer pretty soon, and while I'm excited to be able to take advantage of threading and other mpi stuff, it's still a nervous process, no doubt.

  2. The "archive and install" option is pretty handy. It doesn't actually throw anything out, just puts it in a "previous system folder" folder. It's the way I usually do things going from one major version to another. Lately I've been finding that I have less and less non-Apple software installed. I just build new versions of Fink (or MacPorts) and get working. Note though that since 10.6 is all based on 64-bit code, a lot of Fink will be broken so it's good to just redo that from the start.

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