Baking Overachievements

Given that it's that holiday season where one has a built-in excuse to randomly bake all sorts of yummy goodies, I suggest the blog people to point their 'tubes over to the Stamford Museum & Nature Center’s first annual Visions of Gingerbread: The Sweetest Architects holiday exhibition. Some impressive stuff, especially the gingerbread rollercoaster:




I watch TV for adolescent girls, I might as well watch the movies too.

Have any of you seen Twilight? The concept actually has a lot of potential... pretty girl, vampires living in the cloudy parts of Washington State, star crossed lovers... you could make a cool movie out of that...

Unfortunately, in my eyes at least, it's a failure. For one, who wants neuter vampires? They're supposed to be lusty and bitey. Angel didn't walk around saying "I'd like to bite you", he had a growling undercurrent of needing to feed with the torment of not being able to eat people. Plus, the sign of his vampireness wasn't glitter. I mean, come on, the thing that lets you know that Edward is a vampire is that he floresces in the UV? Did they have to make it such a 13-year-old's wet dream too. Ooh, older handsome man who isn't into sex at all so you just have to kiss once and then snuggle.

I'm so disappointed.


All-time Dick List

Speaking of Glenn Beck, I point the blog's attention to Dickipedia - if you're not already aware of the site, it's an entertaining, if mean-spirited, bit of time-wasting.

It's not completely worthless, however, as there's a good bit of history to be learned. Many of the Dickipedia luminaries are old white men, and as such have had many/several decades to sweep their misdeeds under the rug.

some highlights:
[Ronald Reagan] was nicknamed "The Great Communicator" for his uncanny and unique ability to communicate to the average person the need to kick single, black mothers off welfare.


Beginning in 1969, Rupert Murdoch began acquiring, then systemically destroying the journalistic integrity of, several large British newspapers, including "News of the World," "The Sun," "The Times," and "The Sunday Times." Along the way, he also managed to spark several violent strikes by British print unions, and collude with high government officials to illegally quell said strikes.

It's not all old white men, the web site also takes on entertainers, sports stars, and even institutions... check out the Olympics entry.


Wisdom Teeth II

Friday was an interesting day. I stop popping Motrin for a little while (It's really impressive though how ibuprofen and acetaminophen can have such different actions. Acetaminophen does wonders for me on the rare occasions that I get headaches and ibuprofen does an amazing job on bone/muscle pain. However, the other combination doesn't seem to be nearly as effective.) and head to the oral surgeon. He does a panoramic x-ray and looks in my mouth. "Yup, I can see why that tooth is hurting." Shows me the x-ray, "If you had just a couple more millimeters to your jaw, those bottom wisdom teeth would fit. But see how they tilt forward? Because of that, you can't clean behind them and you're going to run into decay problems. It's not a big problem, but we don't want the decay to spread to the teeth you need to keep."

That gets followed by "When do you want to take them all out?"

My answer was "not today" and we compromised on doing the bottom ones in the spring and the hurty one now. Tooth extraction is actually kind of impressive, at least in cases where the tooth has successfully erupted. It's just two shots of novocaine, open wide, a little bit of torquing and prying with pliers, and you're done. I got a prescription for some serious painkillers, but ended up only taking more Motrin. Actually, a smaller dose of Motrin than I was taking for the hurting tooth.

I got a chance to check out my tooth too. By the time your teeth actually start hurting, they're seriously fucked up. It was actually kind of impressive, I was having trouble with food getting stuck between my teeth and it's because the wisdom tooth had a huge fucking hole in it.

So yeah, spring break fun getting out the bottom two. They want to do sedation for that though, and I'm frankly more worried about the anesthetic than I am the extraction. I should look back a year in the blog, I'm pretty sure I've said this before.


Have you heard about Glenn Beck?

He's refusing to answer questions about whether he raped and murdered a young girl in 1990. I assume he didn't do it, but why won't he talk about it if he's innocent?

Go to for all the details.

Update: Glenn Beck apparently now controls the domain Why would you want to have a domain like that? Specifically, why would you have that domain and not be willing to talk about it? Is it because he's not innocent? I think he needs to address the issue.