I stood in line for 6 hours

I've never stood in a line for so long before in my life. I haven't been to concerts with lines for tickets that were that long. When the Star Wars and the Matrix sequels came out, I had friends who wanted to stand in line and got tickets for me.

But today I stood in line for 6 hours, behind about 5,000 other people, to get a shot. It's a very anticlimactic thing too. Jab, squeeze, done. 6 hours of waiting for a 2 second thing.

The good news though is that in another week or so once the immunity fully develops, my students can sneeze on me all they want and I don't have to worry about getting Sarah sick. Kirsten can let coworkers sneeze on her. Sarah can let other kids sneeze on her. Gabriella can let other au pairs sneeze on her. So basically if H1N1 turns into a really big thing, we'll be amazingly happy we stood in line for six hours. If it fizzles out, it'll be the worst use of a weekend ever.

(Of course, one of the best ways to help it fizzle out is to get vaccinated, so get the shots once you have the chance. That might not be until December, but get it in December then.)