An Administrative Note

As the intermittent availability of the blog has shown, dactyl doesn't have the chops to be a web server with a significant load. It wasn't a problem when it was just us... but when the web spiders (particularly fucking Bing) started hitting, it just didn't have the power to run multiple sql queries to serve up the pages.

So, how to fix it? Well, it's a situation of "dactyl is dead, long live dactyl!" might not be able to handle things, but can. I changed some files on the old dactyl to send all the blog traffic over to the new machine. The full archives are on the new machine, everyone's user accounts, everything so it should work.

I'm leaving personal web pages and everything at

Basically, everything should just work now and if you type something that's on the new server, it will automatically take you there.

Now we just need to work on getting some new blood into the system.