I've been eating lots of sandwiches

And cooking in my little apartment hasn't been a huge priority, mainly because I'm spending 14 hours a day in my office. However, Kirsten and Sarah were here for the weekend and we discovered something very odd...

My stove has retarded knobs. Or at least the person who designed them was somehow wrong in the head. I would naively expect knobs to be labeled something like "1, 2, 3, 4, etc" (going up to 11 of course) or "low, medium, high". Something with some logic.

The knobs on my stove go "low, first, second, third, high".

I'm going to go home now and make some ramen. I'm thinking that I'll do it in second.


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5 thoughts on “I've been eating lots of sandwiches”

  1. Umm, that's pretty weird. Maybe it's pseudo-British, in the sense that our "first floor" is their "ground floor", our "second floor" is their "first floor", etc?

    but yeah, wtf. Enjoy your second-base ramen. 🙂

    Speaking of sandwiches, I have to say I miss Bagel Basement. The cafeteria at work actually has a pretty decent sandwich station, and is always stocked with fresh Cali avocados, but my office isn't nearly as scenic (in any sense of the word) compared to Collis or the Green.

  2. I'll have you know I got to third base with the ramen.

    I was thinking about the bagel basement the other day too. Those sandwiches were really fucking yummy. There's something just delicious about a fresh toasted bagel. Or maybe the stoners were sprinkling pot in them when they were getting made, who knows.

    I really wish there was a comparable place around here, but the quality of food seems to decrease with distance from major centers of population.

  3. mmm bagel basement. i too was just thinking about it the other day. there's a bagel sandwich place here in college park, but it's just not the same.

    I was quite surprised the first time i realized that not all stove controls are labeled "low, med low, medium, med high, high". Had never occurred to me that they wouldn't be. Definitely have never seen the mix of high/low and numbers though.

  4. The thing that's so odd isn't the mix of high/low and numbers, it's that the numbers are spelled out and that it's not just "two" it's "second", not just "three" it's "third".

    I'll take a picture.

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