One steroid-free lineup?

So, in last week's (9/25) podcast, Bill Simmons was discussing the issue of constructing a baseball lineup of "clean players", i.e. guys for whom you would be truly shocked, surprised, and disappointed if they turned out to have been on the juice/HGH/etc (one assumes from a pool of players from the last ~20 years). He and Jacko name Jeter, and note that SS is well-represented since Ripken would qualify as well.

So, the question is, what lineup can you come up with if you you have to bet your ____ [something you like more than poptarts] on the fact that these guys were clean.

For pitcher, I'd go with Greg Maddux.

Catcher is tough b/c they almost deserve to be allowed to juice given all the pounding they take, and are there any all-stars who really stand out? Simmons threw out Jason Kendall just for fun, but I'm really not sure.

At first base, I'd have to go with Rafael Pamiero, or Mark McGuire, or ... sorry, but it's too easy. : ) Let's go with the obvious - I would be supremely bummed if Pujols turned out to be juicing - and really there's no way he can actually take steroids, since he's a machine.

I'm not going to be able to finish the full list here, but go ahead and try for yourself, it's a tough list. Which is pretty sad, really.