Carl Sagan + Septhen Hawking = Bad Ass

Some may not be familiar with Carl Sagan and the Cosmos (both the book and TV series - I think viewable for free on Netflix and Hulu), but you should check him out. This little musical ditty turns good quotes from his TV series and a couple Stephen Hawking bits into a pretty damn decent track. Check it out.

BTW - how does one embed YouTube into the blog? It seems to just post a link if I use the upload / insert function in the editor...


One thought on “Carl Sagan + Septhen Hawking = Bad Ass”

  1. Heh, yeah, that's good stuff, thanks dude.

    I fixed the embed issue, but in general what I do is grab the "embed" html from the youtube site, then in the post-writing page click the "html" tab (as compared to "visual") that is just above and on the right-hand-side of the text entry box. Paste in the html and you'll be good to go.

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