There was no joy in Mudville...

Dammit all anyways! Here's the crappy news, in case you've been spelunking or something and haven't heard via TV/E-mail/text/smoke-signal/etc. I suppose Ortiz has always been suspect (especially to the haters), but I for one was hoping he'd be one of the good examples left when all the dust settles. 🙁

I just hope Papi proceeds along the high road from here: own up to it, explain yourself (like Pettitte did), and start earning your way back into good graces by upping the ante on his own unique brand of charitable efforts.

I'm so frustrated with all the doping mess in baseball that I'm thinking my general well-being would be better served by following a different sport. One where the money to love-of-the-game balance hasn't tipped over to the profiteering-at-the-expense-of-sportsmanship line. I hear that pankration is making a comeback, and it would definitely appeal to the side of me that loves reading Sophocles, so that's a bonus. 🙂